My name is Agnes Suto, member of the Icelandic National Team. And this is my journal.


Catching you up on McKayla, Gymnastike and the gymternet being awesome.


Good Morning!

So if you weren’t around last night, this is an explanation of last nights drama. If you were around, feel free to send this link to the 9000 people who will inevitably ask you what the fuck happened.

On Saturday afternoon a “master list” of celebrities…

Hi! I am glad that you want her to succeed but I honestly can’t tell her upgrades for 100%, simply because I’ve seen her training them, but I don’t know for sure if her coach decides to put all of them in her routines just yet.

But they have the Hungarian Nationals this weekend, so maybe if there are any videos of it, you will be able to see her routines! :)

Go team Makra!