My name is Agnes Suto, member of the Icelandic National Team. And this is my journal.



hey guys i understand that the quote from Claudia’s interview has rubbed fans the wrong way but I just wanna say that the Daily Telegraph has a reputation for being an absolute pile of shit which prints complete bullshit and takes quotes out of context and generally makes…

So I was watching the MAG quals at the YOG and after seeing all those pretty faces, I was wondering how nice would it be to have a gymnast boyfriend.

I think i’m having serious brain issues.

Q&A with Tomi Tuuha…

Q: favorite Russian female gymnast?
A: That’s a hard one.. who’s the blondie? (he meant Ksenia Afanasyeva)

ps. too bad he didn’t let me post the video…

Not at all. The gymnasts I’ve met were all nice or at least trying their best. I can’t complain. On the other hand, some of the coaches can be very selfish under the pressure of a competition!

She has done it on competition mats, but I haven’t seen it in the end of a full routine yet. I think she might go for it this season but I might be wrong. I could ask her :)

So I was wondering..

Would you like me to film a make-up ”tutorial” before my next competition??

yayy thanks, you guys are awesome and the gymternet community is fun :)