My name is Agnes Suto, and I'm member of the Icelandic National Team. And this is my journal.


Thank you, I feel really lucky and happy about it as well :)

SigrĂșn and Birgitta. Also Tinna moved to Norway/Denmark

I feel you… When I was training in Hungary I knew that no matter how it turns out to be, I would never have a chance against the other girls to make it to the National team. But moving to Iceland changed everything and you’re totally right, I really am lucky, I just wish more people could have the same opportunity as I do <3

Thank you, and I really wish you enjoy what you’re doing, that’s what matters the most :) I’m really glad I’m able to inspire people like you <3

Hi, here is the best picture I’ve found, even though some of the girls have already retired… but I put the names there so you know who’s who :)

Thank you! Im happy to be able to inspire people, and the fact that I have all of you standing next to me and supporting, makes me even more confident in what im doing. We might not know each other in person but it is really helpful to hear out your kind and sweet messages at all times. Thank you one more time :)

Hey :) I dont mind anon messages, most of them are positive and fun to read!